Defiance Tools Double Wall Skull Glass 6 Piece Case Pack


One of her coolest finds we are excited to introduce is our Defiance Tools Double Wall Skull Glass. Fill this glass with your favorite hot or cold beverage and see the amazing skull detail come to life! A great addition to any bar and a definite conversation starter at your next cocktail party or get-together with friends.

They are made of borosilicate glass, which means they can handle hot or cold liquids without any problem. This 2.75 oz skull glass is double wall, so you can drink an espresso or cold cocktail and your drink stays the desired temperature and your hand doesn’t get hot or cold. So how much is 2.75 oz anyway, you may ask? It’s enough to hold an espresso shot, a jigger + a shot of liquor or half a glass of wine. 

Here are the rest of the details on our Defiance Tools Double Wall Skull Glass:


  • Made of Borosilicate glass.
  • Size – 2.75" D x 2.875" H
  • Capacity – 2.75 FL OZ (81 mL)
  • Weight – 2.8 oz empty.
  • We recommend hand washing.

Please note that this is a case pack consisting of 6 pieces. 

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