Who is Defiance Tools?

August 31, 2018

Who is Defiance Tools?

The Defiance Tools Story

When you think of Defiance Tools, an image of the local hardware store or lumber yard, the small-town diner or the neighborhood bar comes to mind. Picture the local builders supply store where you could spend hours talking to the owners about your latest projects and their latest tools for sale, the small-town diner that feels like home and the neighborhood bar where they always know your favorite drink or brand of beer. These are the small businesses, and the experiences, that have always been a deep and trusted part of our roots, that make America unlike anyplace else in the world.

But today it feels like the challenges are bigger in both business and life. Things like technology and time seem to be working against us instead of for us. Many people feel a sense of chaos and are searching for ways to make their lives easier and more fun. Defiance Tools products are designed to help our customers cut through this clutter and successfully navigate life.

America may be known for big box retailers both offline and online, but the small hometown business is our bedrock.

Before founding Defiance Tools, Rich and Zoe’ developed, supplied products to and worked for the big guys under some famous names. Now they want to bring to you the same quality tools and general merchandise with an excellent customer experience built in.

We are Redefining the Meaning of Tools

Quite simply what customers are looking for today, are Tools To Navigate Life that help them feel less stress, more happiness AND that add more fun to their lives. Customers yearn for the ease and feel-good experiences of yesterday. They’re on the hunt for products that help them navigate all of the little and big difficulties that they encounter each day. We understand that our customers are demanding and that the products we develop need to defy the ordinary.

Retailers who offer Defiance Tools products, set themselves apart not only with eye-catching, edgy packaging and quality general merchandise for men and women of all ages, but also by providing tools that defy the difficulty of today.  Defiance Tools products are developed with the quality of design ready to perform the multitude of last-minute, on-the-go, save-the-day fixes needed to navigate life...with a whole lot of fun tossed into the mix.

Welcome to the Defiance Tools Community

Defiance Tools is a brand inspired by breaking out of the expected norm, thinking and living in your own unique way to overcome difficulties...an act of defiance in our time-crunched, tech-overloaded society today.

Defiance Tools can help you complete any task, from turning a screw to providing an environmentally friendly means of transportation to making a delicious cup of coffee to mixing a drink.

Whether you’re a hardware store, gift shop, general store, tradesman, DIY enthusiast or consumer, our mission is to provide Tools To Navigate Life.

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