What’s the Right EDC For You?

August 05, 2019

What’s the Right EDC For You?

What is an EDC?

According to a common definition, everyday carry (EDC or every day carry) refers to items that are carried on a consistent basis to assist in dealing with normal everyday tasks or needs. It means having a small but convenient item to carry and have in your pocket, purse or vehicle. An item that can help with your everyday routine or unexpected situation and looks functional and cool, so that all your friends will ask about it.

How Do I Choose the Right EDC For Me?

There are so many different models in the marketplace today. Some are small enough to put on your keychain, some are TSA compliant and some are geared for different trades or hobbies.

Keychain Models

One designed to put on your keychain would be perfect to open your box from Amazon or allow you to tighten a screw or open a bottle or paint can.

Do you travel so it needs to be TSA compliant?

One of the most popular keychain tools is the Griffin Pocket Tool with several sizes, materials and finishes to choose from, and it's TSA compliant just like our Defiance Tools Skull Keychain EDC Tool - 8 In 1.

Are You a Tradesman?

For an electrician you might want one that has a knife, wire stripper or screwdriver

For a general contractor perhaps, you would want pliers and a knife.

For a plumber a wrench and pliers would be what you would require.

A carpenter might want a utility knife and saw blade.

First Responders would want a glass breaker and a seat belt cutter.

For the crafters, designers and decorators out there perhaps a compact tape measure and scissors would make their day go more smoothly.

The Quest to Find the EDC with Most Functionality for You

With so many choices it is best to first decide what functionality would make your life easier. Then search for the tool that checks off as many boxes as possible. If you are in the market for your perfect EDC check out Defiance Tools where we offer a wide range of EDC products!

For our store partners out there, check out our retail ready collections where we offer a number of products ready for your stores. Plus don’t forget to take advantage of our $200 Defiance Tools credit at www.defianectools.faire.com.  There is no minimum purchase and no hassle returns, so check it out today!

For our consumer fans – check out a retailer near you and you can always shop at our retail partner CLarboard.com!

Good luck with your EDC quest,

Rich Coulcher ~ Co-Founder Defiance Tools 

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