What Made You Decide to Launch Defiance Tools?

February 27, 2019

What Made You Decide to Launch Defiance Tools?

How about a little Defiance Tools Q & A?

Rich and I get a lot of questions about our business, the Defiance Tools website, and our products. So in this week's blog we thought it would be helpful to you if we shared some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions. 

So here we go with our first question...

Why Did You Start Defiance Tools?

Rich and I get asked frequently about why we decided to start a business like Defiance Tools. And it really was started out of a desire to simply spend time together.

About 10 years ago we read a fantastic book called the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. It describes his history of building a business so that you can run it from anywhere. This concept intrigued us so we set out to find something that Rich and I could do that would allow us to live anywhere and work together.

We always knew we wanted to work together. Throughout the years, different ideas came to mind like opening a store, working in real estate together or even flipping houses.

We always felt that when we started a business together it should be based on something we were passionate about. And there was always a passion for travel and our mutual backgrounds in retail that kept pulling us back into the product development space. 

In fact, Rich recently came across a piece of paper from 2004 with some thoughts about business ideas that included products he would like to sell like hand tools, coffee related items, and kitchen gadgets. 

Starting the Process

Last year Rich and I decided to take the plunge and start our own brand. We figured we would take his knowledge of tools, his contacts in China and his expertise (read his history HERE) as well as my expertise in retail stores (read my history HERE) to start our own exciting brand. From those concepts we decided to launch Defiance Tools.  

Defiance Tools would be our trademarked brand developed for our community that shares our passion for tools, coffee and cocktails. In essence a tool doesn't have to be only something you would traditionally think of like a screwdriver. A tool by definition is an item used to carry out a particular function. So it could be a beverage tool (like our On-The-Go Insulated Coffee Press), a transportation tool (like the B2 Folding Electric Bike) or of course an actual hand tool or multi-tool (like the Skull Design 8 In 1 Tool or our EDC Pliers Multitool 16 Tools in 1). So we are embracing the motto...Tools To Navigate Life!

Future Questions? 

If you have any specific questions for future blog posts, please leave them in the comments below. We always love to hear from our community!

Zoe Coulcher ~ Co-Founder of Defiance Tools

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