2018 Orgill Dealer Market Defiance Tools Wrap Up

September 12, 2018

2018 Orgill Dealer Market Defiance Tools Wrap Up

Sharing The Excitement of The Orgill Dealer Market 2018 

When Rich and I found out we were taking our Defiance Tools line to the Orgill Dealer Market, to say we were excited would be an understatement. We knew this was going to be a show to remember and it did not disappoint. The various vendors and everyone from Orgill were full of energy and ready to find new products, tool companies and ways to connect with, and catch the eye of, their customers. Here's the Defiance Tools wrap up of our experience at the 2018 Orgill Dealer Market. 

What is Orgill?

Orgill, Inc. is the world’s largest independent hardlines distributor. They are a privately-owned company who was founded in 1847 and is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Orgill serves more than 6,000 retail hardware stores, home centers, pro lumber dealers, and farm stores throughout the United States and Canada, and over 50 countries around the world. 

Impressive? Certainly. But Rich and I came away with something more. We discovered a community built within the Orgill experience. This open and positive group of retailers are fueled by delivering both problem solving and time saving solutions, innovative and new products and excellent customer experience. 

Orgill Dealer Markets

So where exactly were we headed to uncover this Orgill experience and share our new Defiance Tools? Orgill Dealer Markets give retailers the opportunity to meet more than 1,000 different exhibitors (us), get new ideas from their model stores, stay on top of industry trends, and to scope out the industry's best product deals. This is the place to find the eye-catching, time-saving, problem-solving tools consumers are looking for. This was the perfect place to share our Defiance Tools to Navigate Life. 

Orgill Dealer Market Wrap Up

Defiance Tools Gadget Corner Is a Part of The Retail Customer Experience Solution

According to Harvard Business Review, "Customer experience encompasses every aspect of a company’s offering—the quality of customer care, of course, but also advertising, packaging, product and service features, ease of use, and reliability." 

Our decision to attend meant that we could deliver to Orgill retailers a solution to delivering an excellent customer experience. We decided to be a part of the pallet area with a merchandiser. The pallet area is designed to allow retailers to shop at their leisure through aisles of different merchandisers that manufacturers have set to for them to purchase at special prices.

We named our merchandiser the Defiance Tools Gadget Corner.

Zoe' with Defiance Tools Gadget Corner

In the merchandiser we feature 7 new products that work to ensure an excellent customer experience. Remember, customer experience according to Harvard is more than just remembering someone's name. It also encompasses packaging, product features, ease of use and reliability.

We design all Defiance Tools with eye-catching, edgy packaging, multi-purpose, time-saving, problem solving features and insane quality that will help create a great customer experience for any store. 


  • Skull Design 8 in 1 Tool

Skull Design 8 in 1 Tool

  • 10 Pc Precision Screwdriver Set

10 Pc Precision Screwdriver Set

  • Screwdriver Handle Bottle Opener

Screwdriver Handle Bottle Opener

  • 3 Way LED Emergency Auto Safety Tool

3 Way LED Emergency Auto Safety Tool

  • Sportsmen’s Knife & CAMO Multi-Tool Combo

Sportsmen’s Knife & CAMO Multi-Tool Combo

  • Magnetic Clip LED Pocket Light

Magnetic Clip LED Pocket Light

  • Scissors Multi-Tool & Pliers Keychain Combo

Scissors Multi-Tool & Pliers Keychain Combo

P.S. We will tell you more specifics about these wonderful new products in future blog posts so stay tuned!

Defiance Tools Folding Ebike Giveaway

We even offered a special giveaway for those stores who purchased the Defiance Tools Gadget Corner. Once the retailer sets up the merchandiser, all they have to do is take a picture of it and tag us (with some special hashtags) to be entered to win one of our Defiance Tools Folding Electric Bikes!

Defiance Tools Gadget Corner

Defiance Tools Folding ebike

See You In Orlando? 

Rich and I had such a wonderful time talking with the dealers at the show. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone again at the Spring Orgill Dealer Market located in Orlando!

In the meantime, in our comments below or on social media, please share YOUR wrap up and highlights of the 2018 Orgill Dealer Market. 

~Zoe' Coulcher, Co-Founder of Defiance Tools

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