How Can Retailers Increase Impulse Buying?

April 24, 2019

How Can Retailers Increase Impulse Buying?

Impulse Buying – What Is This Exactly?

Often wholesale hardware suppliers and other retailers have merchandise near the registers for customers to grab at the last minute. But what is the meaning of impulse buying?

According to Wikipedia impulse purchase or impulse buying is an unplanned decision to buy a product or service, made just before a purchase. A consumer who makes such purchases is referred to as an impulse purchaser or impulse buyer.

Research findings suggest that emotions and feelings play a decisive role in purchasing, triggered by seeing the product or upon exposure to a well-crafted promotional message.

According to an article I found that discusses tactics for impulse buying, having an impulse item area is a tried-and-true way to boost average purchase value in offline retail stores.

Impulse buying goes way back, and it’s still overwhelmingly common — some 77% of shoppers say they’ve made a spontaneous impulse purchase in the past three months.  With so much of shopping moving online, impulse buys are one of the proven tactics brick-and-mortar retailers have firmly in their corner. 

Make Impulse Buying Work for Your Retail Outlet

The article goes on to say that successfully encouraging impulse buying comes down to a few main factors:

  1. Choosing the right products
  2. Putting them in the right place
  3. Grabbing shopper attention

Choosing The Right Products

A wonderful article I found on discusses 10 impulse categories that customers crave:

  1. Go Local
  2. Seasonal Items
  3. Grilling Accessories
  4. Food and Drink
  5. Toys and Children’s Items
  6. Housewares
  7. Candles
  8. Cleaning Products
  9. Add-On Items
  10. Lighting and Power

Putting Impulse Items in the right place

Location, location, location! You've heard it before, right? And of course most stores have set up an area at the registers that is designed for their impulse area.

Perhaps this is on each individual register, a racking system they set up next to the register area or in a queue area they have devised to snake people through their products on the way to the cash registers.

But this is not the only area that works well! Think about end caps, mid-aisle displayers, sidewinders or clip strips in the merchandise aisles.

Grabbing Shopper's Attention

Now some impulse merchandise speaks for itself with standout packaging or exciting colors, but don’t hesitate to add some signage that brings attention to the product or explains why the customer may want and need the product.

Defiance Tools Impulse Items

Here at Defiance Tools we are proud to have designed our products with the impulse buyer in mind. With our eye-catching packaging and innovatively designed items, our products are perfect for any impulse area.

Defiance Tools Skull EDC, Sportsman Combo, Scissors Combo

Defiance Tools Auto Safety, LED pocket light

Defiance Tools 10 Pc Precision Screwdriver Set and Tape Measure

Want $200 In Retail Ready Impulse Buys?

For our store partners out there, check out our retail ready collections and don’t forget to take advantage of our $200 Defiance Tools credit at

For our consumer fans – what type of Defiance Tools products do you want to see us develop next? Let us know in the comments below!

Richard Coulcher ~ Co-Founder Defiance Tools

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