Looking for Military Discount Sites? Defiance Tools® Is Here

January 30, 2019

Looking for Military Discount Sites? Defiance Tools® Is Here

The Defiance Tools Site Provides the Military Discounts You Deserve on Tools to Navigate Life

In last week’s blog, I wrote about the history of the United States military. I also shared the 5 top blogs or websites that are designed to provide resources or assistance to our military men, women and their families.

In doing the research for last week’s blog, I realized that there are a ton of military discount sites. I believe there are so many discount sites out there because people genuinely want to thank and help the people who serve in our military, right? Offering a discount is a great way for business owners to offer up a small "thanks".

Let's Not Forget The Families of Our Military Men and Women 

There is something incredibly special about a person who devotes a portion of, or even their entire work lives, to serving their country. For that matter, there is something pretty special about the loved ones of folks in the military. 

From living without their loved one for exceedingly long periods of time, to the constant worry that must plague them, and even the reunions that are full of learning to get back to life after service, the families of our service men and women also deserve some recognition and thanks! 

Defiance Tools Is Here for You AND Your Families 

So we have established that there are TONS OF military discount sites out there, but now, only on DefianceTools.com past and present members of our military can shop for Tools To Navigate Life at a HUGE discount! But wait, there's more. 

I found a company to partner with that actually verifies if one of our customers is an active duty military person, a veteran or one of their dependents and then provides each individual with a unique code. Codes are unlimited – so all our customers have to do is sign back into the system and get their next code!

With that code members of our military can save 25% each and every time they shop for Defiance Tools at our retail site CLarboard.com. Check out our discount code page HERE. The special 25% off codes are good for active duty, veterans and their dependents off any retail purchase.

We LOVE that we can use this discount as a way to thank the entire family of each of our military members!

From innovative items, tools, folding electric bikes & everyday carry gadgets there is a lot for military families to enjoy at CLarboard.com.

Know a Member of The Military or A Veteran? 

Here at Defiance Tools we would love help spreading the word about this great benefit that we are offering. If you know of anyone else that could benefit, please forward this blog to them and share it on social media. 

Check out our Defiance Tools' site full of everyday carry essentials and make sure you sign up for our mailing list to stay in-the-know on all of our Defiance Tools updates.

Zoe’ Coulcher ~ Co-Founder Defiance Tools

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