Law Enforcement, Fire & First Responder Discount!

February 20, 2019

Law Enforcement, Fire & First Responder Discount!

Looking for Places That Give "First Responder Discounts"? We've Got Your Covered!

By definition, first responders are the first people to respond to an emergency who are medically trained. These brave and selfless men and women can be members of EMS, law enforcement, and or fire protection services. 

First responders have become such an important part of our country's infrastructure and play such an important role in our safety, well being and positive state of mind. 

In fact, Verizon had a commercial that played during the Super Bowl highlighting first responders. 

Here at Defiance Tools®, We Honor First Responders Too

Here, at Defiance Tools, we have partnered with a company that verifies if one of our customers is a first responder and then provides each individual with a unique code. First responder discount codes are unlimited. All our customers have to do is sign back into the system and get their next code!

With that code first responders can save 25% every time they shop for Defiance Tools at our retail site Check out the discount code page HERE. The special 25% off codes are good for the first responders listed in the chart below off any retail purchase!

Law Enforcement Includes local Police, Sheriff/Deputies and Federal LE. Current & retired accepted. Yes ☑️
Firefighter Includes all sections of local & wilderness response. Current & retired accepted. Yes ☑️
Emergency Medical Technician/Service Includes all medical emergency responders and emergency staff with credentials. Yes ☑️
Public Service Includes all government/service employees with a valid .gov e-mail address. Yes ☑️


We LOVE that we can use this discount as a way to thank our first responders!

From innovative items, tools, folding electric bikes & everyday carry gadgets there is a lot for first responders to enjoy at C 

Do you know First Responder that could benefit from our discount? 

Here at Defiance Tools we would love help spreading the word about this great benefit that we are offering. If you know of anyone else that could benefit, please forward this blog to them and share it on social media. 

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Zoe’ Coulcher ~ Co-Founder Defiance Tools

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