Are Your Hand Tools On Trend?

October 03, 2018

Innovative and Most Wanted Hand Tools

Don't Miss Out On These Innovative and Most Wanted Hand Tools 

In our last two blog posts You Should Be Investing in Hand Tools and 2018 Market Trends in Hand Tools Rich shared valuable insight. He referenced his years in the tools industry and discussed the growth of the hand tool market and new market trends. Rich’s expertise and research revealed that with the expansion of different end users, it isn’t surprising that by 2027, the hand tool industry is expecting a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.9%! If you think you have heard this before, keep reading for more perspective from Rich. 

Rich also shared that what is great about hand tools is their diversity since they are used by so many different types of end users. Based upon this diversity in the marketplace and market predictors, the forecast is outstanding for both consumers and retailers. Rich predicts that in the coming years, people will be expecting and looking for, innovative and unique features in their hand tools. Retailers better be ready to reap the benefits and help consumers get their hands on what they want and need. 

What Trends Are On The Horizon In Hand Tools? 

The trends that Rich highlighted were:

  • Hand tools for the DIY market
  • Hand tools designed for safety
  • Hand tools that save time
  • Innovative hand tool design. 

Here at Defiance Tools we love working every day to bring you, our retail customers and loyal fans, innovative products, quality designs and tools that meet your needs.

Here is just a sampling of our products that line up perfectly with these hand tool trends on the horizon.

Hand Tools for the DIY Market

Our Defiance Tools 16ft/5m Compact Measuring Tape is perfect for the DIYer!  In short, it is compact and fits in your hand easily. It is lightweight but still packs a punch with its 1-inch blade, double sided printing and fractional read.

What is a fractional read? Fractional read tells you what the individual fraction is without someone having to count out the lines that are often on tape measures.


  1. 1in wide nylon coated blade with double sided printing
  2. 16’ scale with 16” stud markings on the front side and a 5m/16’ fractional read scale on the back side
  3. 8’ of standout for ease in measuring large sheet goods and includes a handy wrist strap. 

Defiance Tools 16ft/5m Compact Measuring Tape

Hand Tools Designed for Safety

When we decided to add the Defiance Tools 3 Way LED Emergency Auto Safety Tool to the line, we knew it would be ideal for our customers. This item is small but has great features. Safety is a concern for everyone and we knew this item would be a great addition someone’s car, truck RV or boat.

It is also compact but has so many great features. What is most impressive is the brightness on the lights. When I demonstrate this product to people I always need to remember to face it in a different direction as to not blind people with it. That super-bright, 200-lumen floodlight doesn't hold a candle (IMO) to the flashlight app! 


  1. Glass Breaker
  2. Seat Belt Cutter
  3. Ultra-Bright 200 lumen LED Flood Light
  4. 70 Lumen LED Flashlight
  5. Flashing Red SOS Light
  6. Super strong magnet (Great to use in the hood of your car when you are jump starting or fixing your vehicle)
  7. Runs on 3 AAA batteries (included)

Defiance Tools 3 Way LED Emergency Auto Safety Tool

Hand Tools that Save Time

As Rich mentioned in his last blog, consumers continue to demand tools that will help them save time and accomplish tasks on the go. Because of this, tool manufacturers are filling this need by introducing more multi-function tools. Here at Defiance Tools – we love multi tools and now have several of them in our product line.

The two items in the Defiance Tools Scissors Multi-Tool & Pliers Keychain Combo are the ultimate multi tools. They are both compact but have great features. The length on the Scissors Multi-Tool is 3 inches closed and 4.5 inches open while the Pliers multi Tools 2 inches closed and 3 inches open.

My favorite part is the eyeglass screwdriver that is on the Scissors Multi-Tool!

Features of the Scissors Multi-Tool - which is also spring loaded and includes a handy nylon pouch:

  1. Scissor
  2. Eyeglass Slotted Screwdriver
  3. Bottle Opener
  4. Wood/Metal File
  5. Slotted Screwdriver
  6. Phillips Screwdriver
  7. Sharp Knife

Scissors Multi-Tool

 Features of the Pliers Multi-Tool which comes on a key chain:

  1. Flat Nose Pliers
  2. Wire Stripper
  3. Regular Pliers
  4. Wire Cutter
  5. Phillips Screwdriver
  6. Small Sharp Knife
  7. Slotted Screwdriver
  8. Nail File/Nail Cleaner

Pliers Multi-Tool

Innovative Hand Tool Design

There are 3 innovative parts to the Defiance Tools 10 Pc Precision Screwdriver Set. First, is the EZ access storage case that acts like a 3rd hand and allows for you to easily grab the screwdriver you need. Second, is the tab on the back of the package that allows you to hang the whole thing on a garage or crafting wall. Third, is the assortment of screwdrivers. We made sure to include bit sizes that would fit most popular electronics, including smartphones, game consoles, TV’s and radios – including infamous star drives.

The 10 Pc Precision Screwdriver Set includes sizes:

  1. PH0
  2. PH000
  3. SL1.4
  4. SL2.0
  5. T4
  6. T5
  7. T6
  8. T8
  9. STAR 0.8
  10. STAR 1.2

Defiance Tools 10 Pc Precision Screwdriver Set

Defiance Tools...Setting The Curve In Hand Tools

We are excited to have these innovative items already in our collection and retailers can have them on their shelves and consumers can have them ready to go to defy the difficulty of the day.

Visit Defiance Tools to learn how you can purchase YOUR next Defiance Tools product! And stay tuned for more innovative products that we bring to market.

Sign up for our newsletter to stay on trend in tools. And let us know in the comments below what YOU are looking for in hand tools. 

~ Zoe’ Coulcher, Co-Founder of Defiance Tools

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